Equine Rehabilitation

At Equine Tendon we provide a Total Care Package for equine athletes suffering from injuries of tendons and ligaments, and the prevention of these through the use of superior diagnostic & rehabilitation tools.

The Equestride DSS

Dynamic Tendon Support System – The first equine rehabilitation brace.

More than 50 000 hours of use and counting!

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The Equestride DSS optimises recovery and healing of the flexor tendons and suspensory ligament giving your horse a better chance of recovery and less chance of re-injury. 


This products comes with a professional team of experts including experienced vets. We provide ongoing support and the horse is carefully managed from stable rest to a work programme.


The Equestride DSS provides multiple uses and can be used with race horses, sport horses and breeding. It can be used in exercise. and for preventative treatment. 


Equine Rehabilitation Services

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwaves are high energy sound waves that are created outside the body and transferred to a specific area within the body via a specialised machine.

Advanced Equine Thermography

Thermography presents a noninvasive, cost-effective diagnostic imaging modality and is a valuable complementary tool in equine health care and performance management.

Equine Electrotherapy

Widely used in both human sport and medicine for decades, not only to treat injuries but also to optimize performance, either as a primary treatment or in conjunction with other treatments.


Prevention, Diagnostics, Rehabilitation & Management

Our company utilises the most progressive and effective technology available to offer owners, trainers, riders and veterinarians a variety of customised packages that are far superior to what is currently available on the market.

We have already proven our concept by assisting numerous performance horses to return to top-level competition after sustaining minor to severe soft tissue injuries through the use of our innovative rehabilitation protocols that strive for maximum healing and minimised risk and reinjury.

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