Motion Pro

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Turning Movement into Knowledge

The only diagnostic application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) motion analysis to identify lameness straight from a video. 

MotionPro allows precise motion analysis to be accessible and easy to use; through an app on your smartphone. There’s no need for additional hardware and the app gives you the flexibility to run exams anywhere, with precise gait metrics and stride-by-stride analysis results returned in minutes.

This service is ideal for routine monitoring of your horses soundness, as well as tracking the rehabilitation process of your horse post injury. 

How it Works

With any subscription package to MotionPro, our team of veterinarians simply create a profile for your horse and then you record a trot-up through the smartphone application.

The recording is uploaded and analysed by Sleip’s AI-powered software. The results are ready and displayed in the app within minutes, including stride-by-stride analysis video with synchronised biomechanical data. We will then provide you with a detailed report from the data acquired from the app. 

Please note that after you have subscribed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to use the app. Our team will start the assessment and reporting as soon as we have received your videos.

MotionPro Subscription Packages

Diagnostic & Rehab Package

100 Monthly
  • 3 Videos Per Month
  • 1 Horse
  • 3 Reports Per Month

Monthly Routine Package

35 Monthly
  • 1 Video Per Month
  • 1 Horse
  • 1 Report Per Month

Once-Off Analysis

38 Once Off
  • 1 Video
  • 1 Horse
  • 1 Report

If you require a custom package or have multiple horses please contact us at 

More About the Technology

This AI technology is to aid in a better understanding of how and why horses move the way they do.  We are working towards a future of fewer instances of equine lameness, a faster recovery process in the event of lameness, and a healthier equine community at large

Ultimately, we’re here to empower the equine community with insights and tools that strengthen the health and performance of each horse and improve horse welfare across the globe