What we can offer

Innovative services to your yard

All our products and services are carefully developed and selected to help you manage, diagnose, prevent and treat equine tendon and other soft tissue injuries.

Our wide range of products and services are available in customised packages, but can also be used as stand alone.

We encourage veterinarians and other professionals to contact us to discuss how we can support and strengthen their current injury management service, or to discuss an individual case. Our network of veterinarians, physiotherapists, osteopaths, farriers, jockeys, etc are always happy to assist. We also find that the exchange of experiences between owners or trainers with similar injuries can be very helpful.

E-Consult Services

Looking for more information or advice regarding the injury or performance management of your horse? Get access to our team of experts by submitting your details in our E-Consult portal.

This service has only been available to select clients from around the world, and now we wish to open this up to all owners. The assessment is suitable for both competition and leisure horses.

Injury rehabilitation package

Combining excellent tendon fibre assessment with controlled loading of the injured tendon allows us to customise and optimise tendon healing as never before. We advise a minimum of 4 UTC scans and the use of our Dynamic Support System for 2 months.

Performance Horse prevention package

Equine Tendon is your partner in prevention. This package is a comprehensive screening programme for the equine athlete, which combines different areas of expertise to manage competition horses throughout a season.

Shockwave therapy

Shockwaves are high energy sound waves that are created outside the body and transferred to a specific area within the body via a specialised machine.

Tendon Tissue Assessment UTC

The newest and most advanced technology to accurately assess the quality of tendon tissue is called UTC. UTC is currently used by leading sports institutes all over the world and is vastly gaining ground as being the gold standard for Equine Tendon Management.

Advanced Equine Thermography

Thermography presents a noninvasive and cost-effective diagnostic imaging modality and is a valuable complementary tool in equine health care and performance management. Especially as it is one of the few technologies able to ‘see” the entire horse rather than a focused and limited area as examined with ultrasound or x-rays.

The Equestride DSS

This device is the worlds first and most successful Dynamic Support System for the use in Equine Injury Rehabilitation. Due to being a fully adjustable support system for the equine distal limb, it can help the horse through all stages of tendon and suspensory ligament recovery.

Equine Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy has been widely used in both human sport and medicine for decades, not only to treat injuries but also to optimize performance. Electrotherapy can be used both as a primary treatment or in conjunction with other treatments.


The next step in the Future of Equine Health has finally arrived. The EquiPod is the only equine device that provides advanced multi-frequency microcurrent in all of its treatment programmes.