What we can offer

We offer many innovative services to your yard, and the main elements of the service are described below.

All our products and services are carefully developed and selected to help you manage, diagnose, prevent and treat equine tendon and other soft tissue injuries.

Our wide range of products and services are available in customised packages, but can also be used as stand alone.

 We encourage veterinarians and other professionals to contact us to discuss how we can support and strengthen their current injury management service, or to discuss an individual case.  

Our network of veterinarians, physiotherapists, osteopaths, farriers, jockeys, etc are always happy to assist. We also find that exchange of experiences between owners or trainers with similar injuries can be very helpful.

Injury rehabilitation package

Combining excellent tendon fibre assessment with controlled loading of the injured tendon allows us to customise and optimise tendon healing as never before. We advice a minimum of 4 UTC scans and the use of our Dynamic Support System for 2 months. (click here for more information on technologies used)


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The package includes

-4 colour and 3-D tendon Assessment scans (UTC) with a full written report after each scan.

-live (video) training for DSS use

-Access to our team of professionals

-Customised rehabilitation programmes

-Considerable discounts on additional products and services used.

Price of these packages is depending on case specific circumstances and geographical location; please contact us for pricing in your location.

Performance Horse Prevention Package

Equine Tendon is your partner in prevention. This package is a comprehensive screening programme for the equine athlete, which combines different areas of expertise to manage competition horses through out a season.

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Research has shown that very few tendon and ligament injuries “just happen”, but rather have a built op period in the weeks/months prior to the injury. The technology we use is capable of detecting minimal fibre changes, before these changes turn into proper injuries .The frequency and timing of the preventive assessment scans depends on factors like age, discipline and level of performance. In general we advice 4 scans during a period of increased intensity of training or performance and/or increased risk.


Please contact for pricing in your location. Discounts available when more horses on one location are using this package.

Shockwave therapy

Shockwaves are high energy sound waves that are created outside the body and transferred to a specific area within the body via a specialised machine.

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Shockwave is normally administered as a course of treatments. These range from three to five treatments with intervals of 7 to 30 days. The most common protocol is three treatments at 10 days intervals. Management treatments can be carried out pre and post performance. In order for shockwaves to be applied the area only needs to be clean, often we use some gel, but no clipping needed.

Does it only work for injuries?

The biological effects of shockwave makes the technology very suitable for the management of performing Equine Athletes

The effects of Acoustic waves with high energy peak used in Shockwave therapy interact with tissue causing overall medical effects of accelerated tissue repair, cell growth, pain reduction and mobility restoration. All these processes will benefit performance horses health and recovery rate after training and competition. Proven medical effects of shockwave also include stimulation of collagen production, breakdown of calcified areas and improvement of muscle health


Tendon Tissue Assessment UTC

The newest and most advanced technique to accurately assess the quality of tendon tissue is called UTC. UTC is currently used by leading sports institutes all over the world and is vastly gaining ground as being the gold standard for Equine Tendon Management.

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The UTC is mobile and the assessment scan doesn’t cost a fortune. The popularity and success of the technology is easy explained by its ability to visualise tendon tissue to the level of individual tendon fibres and collagen types.

Step in the footsteps of the Olympic gold Dutch show jumping team, FC Barcelona and many top athletes worldwide and make use of the best in tendon control and management for your horse! (click here for more information)

Price is based on location, local taxes, etc. Discount on packages and multiple horses on 1 location apply.

The cost includes

-Intake with history, previous ultrasound scans, veterinarian reports, treatments given, current exercise and other relevant information.

-Scans carried out by our specially trained and qualified technicians

-Interpretation of the scans by our veterinarian team within 72 hours (quicker turnaround time in case of emergency)

-Supply of a written report including most relevant screenshots of findings.

-If applicable contact with veterinarian or other team member regarding results and possible treatment, exercise and possible additional management advice.

Advanced Equine Thermography

Thermography presents a noninvasive and cost-effective diagnostic imaging modality and is a valuable complementary tool in equine health care and performance management. Especially as it is one of the few technologies able to ‘see” the entire horse rather then a focused and limited area as examined with ultrasound or x-rays.

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Recently there have been considerable advancements in thermographic cameras’ resolution and practicality. This allows us to implement thermography into our screening and preventive programmes. The scans are analysed using the data extraction algorithm which allows the pin pointing of core inflammation.

Areas of interest can be monitored with repeat imaging or further examined with for instance our Tendon Assessment Analysis or other technologies.

Physiologic imaging is dynamic and sensitive and includes nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan) and infrared thermography. The latter might detect metabolic changes related to active inflammation, blood flow, or nerve conduction. This information can offer the clinician valuable information about potential issues with the horse and offers a holistic approach.

Included in the price is a written report with screen shots of the most relevant findings. The report is assessed and signed of by our veterinary team.


Available screenings:

-full body screen

-neck, back and pelvic are imaging

-hoof pressure points and balance

Price indication based on location.


The Equestride

This device is the worlds first and most successful Dynamic Support System for the use in Equine Injury Rehabilitation. Due to being a fully adjustable support system for the equine distal limb, it can help the horse through all stages of tendon and suspensory ligament recovery.

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The Equestride has a number of innovative benefits that make it a breakthrough in the treatment and management of equine tendon and ligament injuries. Following many years of meticulous research, design and development in collaboration with the world’s leading equine orthopaedic scientists, the Equestride offers unparalleled benefits to horses, veterinarians, physiotherapists and owners. (Click her for more information on DSS) include current text and new images without the UTC part.

Please note; DSS Devices are only available through rental (Worldwide). Monthly price based on location. Special discounts and package deals available for long term rent, veterinarians for clinic use and for research purposes.


The monthly rental price includes;

-intake and feasibility assessment of case history, ultrasound images, treating veterinarian input, etc by our veterinarian team.

-Live video consultation and fitting instructions.

-Ongoing access to our team of experts during the rental period.

-Bi weekly video assessment of your horse and assessment of rehabilitation.

-Customised rehabilitation programme during the rental period

-Free replacement and/or different size supplied if indicated during rental period

Equine Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy has been widely used in both human sport and medicine for decades, not only to treat injuries but also to optimize performance. Electrotherapy can be used both as a primary treatment, or in conjunction with other treatments.

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Electrotherapy is a scientifically validated and highly efficient treatment, to optimize nerve, muscles, blood circulation and connective tissues. It applies electrical impulses through the skin of the horse, activating its nerves and muscles. It is not painful for the horse, it feels like a deep tissue massage. The electrical signal mimics the motor neuron signal normally sent by the brain to the muscles to cause muscle contraction.

When working with rehabilitation or injury prevention, muscular function, strength and elasticity is key. Without this, the joints, tendons and ligaments will be at higher risk of injury (and re-injury). Electrotherapy is a very efficient tool to loosen tight muscles. Many horses have tight muscles in in the back, lumbosacral, gluteal and neck regions. These tightened muscles will cause a horse to feel “locked” or stiff, and make him move sub-optimally. Loosening these muscles, allows the horse to move more freely. Most horses also have a stronger or stiffer side. A more freely and symmetrically moving horse improves its performance, reduces the risk of injury, and makes it easier to build the correct musculature when training.

Horses can also have muscles that are too weak or small (muscle atrophy). The saying “use it or loose it” applies to musculature. Horses in training benefit from supplementing their training with electrotherapy to optimize their musculature, but also horses in rehabilitation greatly benefit from electrotherapy to maintain the musculature without loading the healing injury. Many horses loose muscle mass and topline during recovery as training is reduced. In addition, an injury often generates muscular tension and compensational movement patterns, resulting in asymmetric movement and musculature. Hence it is important to manage the musculature of a horse when managing and rehabilitating an injury. Electrotherapy offers a unique and efficient way to optimize both nerves and muscles without loading the injured limb.

Equinetendon collaborate with Equi-tech on muscular aspects including electrotherapy. Equi-tech is based in Scandinavia, but their services are now available through the Equinetendon network.

With our electrotherapy system, we enable you to optimize and treat your horse yourself. We offer online training and advice, so you get as much out of your electrotherapy device as possible. We collaborate with many top riders, who use our systems with great results, to complement their training, and/or optimize horses with injuries. We also host clinics and workshops. For larger groups or stables, we also offer treatments, with our experts coming out to treat your horses, both using electrotherapy and complementing manual techniques. Contact us to hear more about how we can help you.

Equinetendon is a proud partner of Equi-tech, and offer their services, knowledge and products on muscular aspects of performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation. This includes electrotherapy, where you can order both treatments (for larger groups) and/or purchasing our high quality, easy to use device, enabling you to treat and optimize your own horses.

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Arc equine

The Arcequine is wearable, drug-free, non-invasive and portable pain management and tissue repair system based on micro current application.

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The device doesn’t have to be applied to a specific area as the micro-current spreads through the entire body. Treatment time is approximately 3 hours per day, so more horses can be treated using one device. The device runs the selected programme and switches off when finished.

The Arcequine increases the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is responsible for the flow of vital nutrients in and out of each cell. Injury decreases the amount of ATP produced resulting in the accumulation of metabolic by-products and inflammatory factors. Inflammation is perceived by the body as pain.

The Arcequine turbocharges the ATP production by up to 500% when the body is least able to by replicating the body’s own bioelectrical signals. This kick-starts the body’s recovery allowing pain reduction and healing to start early. This can shorten healing time by up to 50%.

The technology can also very effectively be implemented in the management of your equine athlete on the way to, during and after shows. The processes initiated by the micro current programmes will lead to soft tissue preparation prior to performance, less lactic acid built up in muscles and reduction of post performance inflammation and pain.

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