Equestride DSS

Equine Tendon & Suspensory Ligament Recovery System:

Optimizes Recovery Time & Quality of Heal – Maximizes the Chances for a Full Recovery – Minimizes the Risk of Re-injury

The EqueStride Dynamic Support System is an adjustable therapeutic system for the improved management of flexor tendon and suspensory ligament injury in horses. The device has variable support enabling a fully controlled exercise regime during injury rehabilitation.

The tendon support is designed to resist over extension of the metacarpophalangeal or metatarsophalangeal (‘fetlock’) joint when the limb is loaded. It has been manufactured to the highest engineering standards and has been validated both in vitro and in vivo (see Smith, et al., 2002 [1] ). This validation confirmed that the EqueStride Dynamic Support System is the only device capable of resisting extension of the fetlock joint under loads experienced at the walk (and higher gaits) compared to currently available simple protective boots or a thick Robert Jones-style bandage. 

The only other device capable of providing significant support at these loads is a cast in which a horse cannot exercise. However, the significant advantage of the EqueStride Dynamic Support System  is that once in place, it can be used while the horse is exercising, making it perfectly suited to the rehabilitation of tendon and ligament overstrain injuries of the palmar/plantar metacarpus/metatarsus. Furthermore the amount of support can be adjusted enabling the healing soft tissues to be gradually loaded to greater amounts during the rehabilitation process which will optimize the quality of the healing tissue, maximizing the chance of a successful return to full work, while still providing protection at higher loads. It can be fitted on a horse much more easily than a cast and takes only moments to apply or remove. 

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