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Medical Experts

Our technical and medical advisors have been working for many years with horses at the top level of sport.

Equine Rehabilitation

We help you manage, diagnose, prevent and treat equine tendon and other soft tissue injuries.

International Team

Ireland, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia, South Africa, Mauritius and Canada.

World Leader

Equine Tendon is a world leader in injury management services and innovative solutions.

Meet our Team

We currently offer services across several European countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia. We are also present in South Africa, Mauritius and Canada.

Many of our team members are available to travel, so please contact us if you are interested in our services, wherever you are!

Spread out over the world and with many different backgrounds, but bonded by the fascination and love for horses.

Our Story

Our Mission & Vision

Years of experience in the management of Equine Athletes around the world made our founder, Henk Offereins DVM, MVSc, MRCVS realise the shortcomings and frustrations most horse owners face when confronted with a tendon or ligament injury. Lack of accurate diagnosis technology and the inability to truly control forces on tendons in rehabilitation made tendon and ligament recovery unsuccessful, unpredictable, frustrating and expensive.

We believe that collecting reliable and accurate data will optimise equine performance management;

  • to determine optimal exercise and training levels during rehabilitation.
  • to determine optimal training in young or developing horses and to monitor tendon health during high performance.
  • to monitor exercise levels and establish optimal feed and supplement intake.
  • to monitor equine soundness and balance during training and competition.
  • to allow distance monitoring of equine rehabilitation, training and performance.

Our company is driven by a goal to offer industry-changing results by using unique technology and services, creating a worldwide network of centres of excellence and by offering clients an excellent and affordable service. We also believe that sharing the successes, disappointments, and general experiences between our clients and experts will help to deal better with injuries and the challenges we face managing these.

Our International

Management Team

Henk Offereins DVM, MVSc, MRCVS

Veterinary Director

Born and raised in the Equine Clinic of his grandfather and father, Henk graduated from Utrecht University in 2000 and was partner and owner in equine Hospitals in Holland and Ireland.

In 2016 Henk started Equine Athlete International as the platform for the total veterinarian management for equine athletes worldwide.

Recognising the need for dedicated services in relation to soft tissue management in Equine Athletes, he started equinetendon.com as a knowledge base, worldwide platform and service provider for the very challenging area of tendon injury, prevention, diagnosis and management.

Alexandra Miszewski

Management South Africa, Head Acquisition and CFO

Although originally from a Finance background, Alex’s first love has always been horses. As an entrepreneur determined to follow her passion, Alex initially joined Henk Offereins in 2016 after hearing Henk’s vision for the company that he wanted to create, now known as Equinetendon.

With a strong passion for innovation and problem-solving, the progressiveness and ground-breaking solutions developed by Equinetendon are a natural fit for Alex. Through this, Alex was able to bring financial insight along with numerous years of experience in the equine industry.

In addition to her involvement in Equinetendon, Alex has also founded businesses in the Medical Devices and Biotechnology industries.

Scott Rawson

Dynamic Support System Manager / Technician

Coming from an entrepreneurial background Scott has always been interested and involved in client relations. Scott has gained years of veterinarian related experience as a clinical assistant in a well established equine hospital in Ireland. He is also actively involved in the equine industry both as rider and producer of horses. Scott is head of our Dynamic Support System department.

Tamar van Wezel

Management The Netherlands

In recent years Tamar has successfully offered rehabilitation services for injured horses at her stable Equine Sport Support. She was one of the first to introduce Vitafloor technology to rehab in the Netherlands. Tamar has many years of experience in all aspects of the equestrian world, from thoroughbred race riding to tendon rehab. Her passion for horses has driven her all her life. She has always taken the opportunity to help guide less experienced horse people whenever she could, especially in the area of rehabilitation and training of horses.

Fiona Linnea Bach-Gansmo

Management Scandinavia

Fiona is the founder of Equi-tech, and combines a strong academic and entrepreneurial background, with a lifelong passion for the equestrian world as a rider. During her PhD, Fiona specialized in the motion apparatus and the 3D structures hereof. Fiona runs a mobile practice in Scandinavia. Her team is based in Denmark, where they also have a facility and take in horses for performance enhancement and re-training stays. In addition to her strong UTC experience, Fiona brings expertise on muscular aspects and the use of electrotherapy to the Equinetendon team.

Julien Moreau

Management and proprietor Canada

Working for many years with horses at the top level of sport, Julien has always been passionate about producing equine athletes with the goal to reach their greatest potential. Innovative measures have always been a part of Julien’s routine in producing sport horses and working with Dr Henk Offereins and his team gave Julien the opportunity to further his knowledge and build a business. Now working out of his training facility close to Toronto, Julien is eager to bring Equine Tendon’s innovative maintenance, diagnostic and rehabilitation practices to Canada.

Heather McReynolds

Management N.Ireland

Heather has had a love of horses from a young age, with a particular interest in eventing. As a rider realising the demands placed upon the athletic horse, sparked an interest and a career in equine performance. Heather has expertise level competence in several techniques for both horse & rider. She has applied these with great success at European and Olympic levels in the disciplines of showjumping and eventing.
With almost 20 years of practice gained across different disciplines, levels and countries her interventions have proven invaluable to many national and international competitors. Heather loves sharing her expertise and in doing so regularly travels with the Irish Junior/Young rider event teams to European championships. 

Technical & Medical Advisors

Andrew Daly​

Owner and inventor Equestride

Andrew Daly is the inventor and owner of the Equestride System. He is a professional Design Engineer who has had a lifelong involvement in the horse industry in Ireland both in the breeding and riding of Showjumping horses.

Andrew has previously worked as a Design Engineer for major companies such as Nokia Mobile Phones and in the Formula One motor racing industry. In the 1990s Andrew founded Dalmar, the first company to incorporate carbon fibre into the design of proctective boots for horses. Since 2010 Andrew has concentrated on bringing to market the EqueStrideTendon Injury Rehabilitation System, an idea that he had first conceived several years before that.

Jan Greve DVM


Jan has been responsible for breeding many world-class showjumpers at deWatermolen, including: AUTHENTIC (Guidam x Katell xx), Beezie Madden
GUIDAM (Quidam de Revel x Venutard), Eric van der Vleuten
KARANDASJ (Fedor x Irco Polo), Willem Greve
LUIDAM (Guidam x Akteur), Billy Twomey
SIR GALAHAD (Julio Mariner xx x Farn), Markus Fuchs

Jan Greve founded the internationally renowned Horse Clinic De Watermolen in 1982, and from that time on was the team vet for the Dutch eventing team for more than 12 years. He was the team vet for the ‘gold’ jumping team at the Olympic Games in Barcelona 1992.

Partners & Representatives