Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services suitable for all horses ?

Yes, we have a wide range of clients and we have experience with horses off all ages, performance levels and disciplines

Are your services suitable for all injuries ?

Our company is focused on the prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation and management of equine tendon and ligament injuries. We also offer products and services for other soft tissue injuries like muscle and fascia.

What do your services cost?

Like with everything when dealing with a horse; nothings is cheap, but we are able to offer economic viable solutions. As every case is different and we operate in very different geographical areas, it is hard to give exact pricing. To give an indication; boot rental is around €300-400, UTC scan €250-350, thermal imaging assessment €65-150, and shockwave €95 - 150. All services are offered at discounted package prices and are customised to the needs of your horse.

Have you treated many horses with your concept ?

Since the start of our company, we have carried out guided rehabilitation using UTC and Dynamic Support Boot on over 500 horses. The DSS has been used for over 30.000 days in active rehabilitation.

I like my vet involved in the process, is that possible ?

Absolutely! We encourage working together with vets, physiotherapists and farriers. Most of our clients start with bringing us in contact with the vet, or forward their vets findings, scans and treatments.

Is see no agent in my country, can you still help me ?

Yes, most of our agents are “mobile”, our services are offered online and products are transported by courier.

How long do I need to rent the rehabilitation Dynamic Support System Equestride ?

The average rental is 3 months. This is normally the time it takes to move from stable/hand walking to ridden walk/trot/canter exercise. We also often use the device for small or subclinical injuries to avoid deterioration and then often 1 month rental is sufficient

How many UTC scans do I need ?

This obviously varies depending on the nature of the scan and the extent of injury. On average we can guide rehabilitation or monitor a horse during a season with 4-6 scans.

What are your success rates ?

On average we are successful in 70-80% of the cases. This means we see the horse back on pre-injury or higher level.

How long does it take to heal a tendon ?

Our protocols are based on maximum mobility and loading of the tendon in the first 3 months. This does not mean the horse is “fixed” after 3 months, but the majority of the important fibre organisation is done. Depending on the case, another 3-6 months is required to mature the injury and train the horse back in work.

Why can’t I buy the Dynamic Support System Equestride ?

The device is a precision instrument that needs regular service and the main component needs to be checked and replaced on regular intervals.