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Race Ready Champions: Horse Racing Injury Prevention!

In the fast-paced world of horse racing, ensuring the well-being of our equine athletes is paramount. Equine Tendon has ground-breaking solutions making waves in the racing industry. Some services Equine Tendon have to offer in assisting the prevention of race horse injury’s are the following:

MotionPro, a cutting-edge service designed for routine monitoring of your horses soundness and rehabilitation tracking post in injury. For more information visit the following link: MotionPro

Equine Tendon utilises a state-of-the-art technology known as UTC (Ultrasound Tissue Characterisation) to delve into the composition of tendon and ligament fibrils and fibres. This unique ability allows for a comprehensive assessment of the impact of loading, or training levels, on the tendons and ligaments. Standard scans include the superficial flexor and high suspensory. However, if there are indications of issues, previous injuries, or if the baseline scan suggests it, additional structures such as check ligaments, deep digital flexor tendon, and suspensory branches can also be included.

The monitoring protocols are meticulously designed to create a comprehensive picture of the horse’s tendon and ligament health at various stages of training and racing. The journey begins with a baseline assessment scan when the horse is on a low exercise regime or at rest, covering the key structures such as the superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT), deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT), high suspensory, check ligament, and suspensory branches.

As the horse progresses through its training regimen, Equine Tendon conducts subsequent scans to monitor the effects of increased loading:

  1. Scan at 30% training level.
  2. Scan at 60% training level, performed 1-3 days after the last peak load training.
  3. Scan at 80-90% training level and/or 3-4 weeks before a planned race.
  4. Post-race scan conducted 1-3 days after the first race.

The frequency of monitoring scans following these assessments is determined based on the outcomes, with a particular emphasis on the post-race assessment. This tailored approach allows for real-time adjustments to training programs and interventions if needed, ultimately minimising the risk of tendon and ligament injuries and ensuring the longevity of the horse’s racing career.

In a world where every fraction of a second counts, Equine Tendon stands as a guardian of equine health, employing advanced technology to prevent injuries and keep our four-legged athletes in prime condition for the exhilarating races that captivate audiences worldwide. For those seeking a proactive approach to horse racing injury prevention, Equine Tendon is paving the way toward a safer and more sustainable future for the sport. Learn more about this revolutionary service at Equine Tendon.