We can imagine you have specific worries or would like to evaluate the best management programmes for your horse. We obviously are always happy to discuss your horse’s injury or performance management, but in some situations, it is very nice to be able to get a more in-depth, personal expert advice.

For these situations, we are very happy to be able to offer direct access to our team of experts through the E-Consult portal. Every e-consult begins in the same way as a physical consult, with an intake regarding the (medical) history of the horse. By filling out the registration form, we acquire all the relevant data. Once we receive your information, we will forward this to the most appropriate expert in our team and you will receive his or her reply within 72 hours. If further services from our company are required we can look after this in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We also encourage to discuss our findings and advice with your veterinarian, physiotherapist, trainer, coach or other people in your home team.

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Henk Offereins DVM, MVSc, MRCVS

Henk Offereins DVM is a leading equine sports veterinarian. He works internationally to improve the athletic ability and soundness of top horses.

Through his international sports medicine work, Henk has gained years of experience managing horses using remote assessment. This service has only been available to select clients from around the world, and now we wish to open this up to all owners. The assessment is suitable for both competition and leisure horses.

Additional information

Video Guide

How to make a good exam video:

In order for us to give you the best advice it is important we get the best quality video possible.

You will need a reasonably good camera/ phone, and at least 2 people, one to show the horse and one make the video.

Please include at least the following steps when making your video:

– Halt the horse squarely in front of the camera on a level surface. Walk 360 degrees around the horse making sure to pause briefly directly behind and directly in front of the horse. We would like to see the horses entire body at all times during this video.
– On a level firm surface walk the horse directly 20 meters away from the camera. Turn carefully and walk. Once again make sure the entire body is visible.
– Repeat the above step in trot. Do not hold the horse back too much and aim for a shallow loop in the lead rope.
– Carefully lunge the horse on a 6-7 meter circle, again on a firm surface
– Film 3 circles on the right rein in uninterrupted trot
– Film 3 circles on the left rein of uninterrupted trot
– Carefully lunge the horse on a 12-meter circle, this time of a soft surface such as a menage
– 3 circles uninterrupted trot on both the left and right reins
– 3 circles uninterrupted canter on both the left and right reins
– If there are any areas of the horse you think may be relevant (eg swelling of a lower limb) please make a 360-degree video of the affected area.

NB: If the horse is significantly lame or sore certain elements of the examination may be omitted. If this is the case please contact us prior to making the video for specific instructions.