Top Vet Of The Year Using Equestride

Thermography is a noninvasive, safe, and cost-effective diagnostic imaging tool used in equine health care.

Top Spec Vet Of The Year Nominee Andy Fiske-Jackson Using Equestride

What the nominating client says:
“My horse was diagnosed with a severe hindleg suspensory ligament injury and many specialists wrote him off. Andy Fiske-Jackson [her vet] arranged for a company to fly over from Ireland and fit a specialised rehabilitation boot [that’s us!].
Within three months of using the Equestride boot, along with Andy’s dedication, my horse is sound again, and is competing in affiliated dressage and showjumping classes.”

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We too can work with you and YOUR vet! Here is just another story of a horse that may have been written off if it wasn’t for the revolutionary Equestride boot!
With the technology and tools, we have available there is now so much more that can be done for soft tissue injuries than before.