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Equine Tendon And Suspensory Ligament Recovery System.

The Equestride device represents a genuinely new and unique development in the treatment of equine soft tissue injury.

Due to being a fully adjustable support system for the equine distal limb, it can help the horse through all stages of tendon and suspensory ligament recovery.

The Equestride has a number of innovative benefits that make it a breakthrough in the treatment and management of equine tendon and ligament injuries.

Following many years of meticulous research, design and development in collaboration with the world’s leading equine orthopaedic scientists, the Equestride offers unparalleled benefits to horses, veterinarians, physiotherapists and owners.


The purpose of any boot/bandage should be to prevent overloading of the tendon by offering sufficient support. We put three of the most popular tendon support means to the test to find out how they perform under peak load.

We used our equine leg simulator to find out how medicine boots, exercise bandages and the Equestride boot (on setting 1- the mildest of settings) performed under peak load. As seen below, both bandages and medicine boots offer much less support at peak load than generally perceived. The Equestride boot is the clear winner in this case.

Bear in mind- should the fetlock have extended any further than the peak load pictured in the first image, “unrestricted leg”, the tendon would have been injured.

The device has 4 possible settings:

  • Setting 1 – Only provides support at full fetlock extension. Used during the later stages of rehabilitation when the horse is trotting and cantering.
  • Setting 2 – Provides support at the walk and trot.
  • Setting 3 – Provides some support to the fetlock joint at all times.
  • Setting 4 – Provides a significant level of support when the horse is standing. Used when there is a significant hyperextension of the fetlock joint.

The setting on the Equestride device should be gradually reduced during the rehabilitation period to increase the proportion of load taken by the palmar/plantar soft tissues.

PLEASE NOTE: The Equestride Devices are only available through rental (Worldwide).

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Scientific Validation

Professor Roger Smith, the European Specialist in Equine Orthopaedic Surgery and Professor of Equine Orthopaedics at The Royal Veterinary College, heads a world-renowned research group investigating the diagnosis and management of tendon injuries in horses and humans.


The Equestride device is manufactured from the most modern, high strength aerospace materials and conforms to the highest engineering standards.

The Equestride Tendon Support consists of semi-rigid carbon fibre composite sheaths that enclose the metacarpal and proximal phalangeal regions. These are joined by a hinge joint that pivots concentrically with the horses MCP joint.