Rehab is formulated and has been extensively tested by veterinarians who approve the addition of Fulvic Acid, a new and promising supplement for horses and horses in recovery periods. 

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Rehab is a sophisticated blend of powerful antioxidants including MSM sulfur, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and the lesser known Fulvic Acid, an ancient and promising ingredient. This 100% natural ingredient comes from a kind of humus in the Himalayas and has tremendous positive effects on health. The addition of Yucca and Boswellia Rehab provides your horse also support and relief when moving. These herbs are widely used in traditional medicine for situations where moving and active are not going so obvious. Because of Rehab also effective prebiotics added this supplement supports your horses’ health and recovery really on all fronts!

Rehab is formulated and has been extensively tested by veterinarians who approve the addition of Fulvic Acid, a new and promising supplement for horses and horses in recovery periods.

Rehab supports:

  •     Activation and maintenance of the immune system
  •     Sports recovery
  •     Restores feeling fit and energetic
  •     Protecting healthy cells and tissues by adding Vitamin E and Selenium *
  •    Good stomach / intestinal health
  •     Proper absorption of nutrients from food
  •     Resistance against bacteria and fungi in the intestines
  •     Good uptake of oxygen
  •     The delay of lactic acid formation in sport
  •     The recovery after a sports injury
  •     Relieving mild joint pain
  •     Muscle energy and stamina
  •     Resistance to stress

* Vitamin E and selenium help, in addition to sufficient food and proper training, to protect healthy cells from damage caused by waste generated as a result of physical exertion and stressful situations. Selenium also supports the resistance and a good coat condition.

The success of Fulvic Acid in horses
In horses that live in pristine nature, belong to the natural humus types ration and contribute to the health and fitness of the body. With Paardendrogist Rehab takes you back this powerful natural substance in the ration of your horse. For sports horses and horses in recovery periods Fulvic Acid is a powerful feature that neutralizes the acidity in the body and contributes to the delay in formation of lactic acid in the muscles. Fulvic Acid contains 45% easily digestible oxygen that can be directly absorbed by the muscle cells and has a positive effect on muscle power and endurance.

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Horses: 15-30 g per day (1 -2 scoops per day)
Ponies: 15 g per day (1 scoop)
1 scoop of 15 ml contains 15 g.

At the start and during periods of increased stress give 30 grams per day. A pot of 900 g at a daily dose of 15 g will last about 60 days.

The amount fed should be adapted to the needs of the individual horse and is not always strictly in relation to the body weight.

CAUTION: Boswellia and Yucca may contain traces of caffeine, and therefore rehab requires a withdrawal period of 48 hours before competitions.
100% taste guarantee
We give 100%  palatability guarantee on all supplements of our own brand. We have all our supplements extensively tested for taste. In the unlikely event, your horse is not keen on any of our supplements you can always contact us. From our own experience, we can give you tips on how to make the product more attractive to your horse. If this is not successful, you may return the product to us for a full refund!

Composition; MSM sulfur, Boswelia, Yucca, Salix Alba 25% salicin, Fulvic Acid, Vitamin E 50% Vitamin C, Selenium, Silica and Aroma.

Key Ingredients per 30g; MSM 10000 mg Selplex 2300 (Selenium) 2087 mg, Yucca 1500 mg, Boswelia 250 mg, Salix Alba 25% salicin 250 mg Pure Fulvic Acid 214 mg, Vitamin C 1000 mg Vitamin E 50% 2000 mg Fermented yeast (prebiotics) 4470 mg.

Additives per kg: Antioxidant L-ascorbic acid E 300 66666 mg

No artificial flavouring or sweeteners. Contains no refined sugars
Contains vanilla flavour

Storage Advice; Closed in a cool, dry place.
Intended for animal use only as a feed supplement for horses.

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