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Aidan O Carroll

Equine Thermography

Thermography, Working With a Veterinarian Thermography presents a noninvasive, safe, and cost-effective diagnostic imaging modality (on average, $350 for a whole horse scan and interpretation) that is a valuable complementary tool in equine health care. As with other technologies, we…

Equestride Case Study

Thoroughbred colt foal (4 Month old) photo attached below illustrating recovery phases. Information is provided by Andrew Daly BDesMA RCA IC (EqueStride) & John T Hyde MRCVS (Tower Equine Hospital)

Transitioning Horses To Spring Pasture

It is tempting to turn horses out into spring pastures at the first sight of green grass, especially after such a long winter. However, spring grazing should be introduced slowly and delayed until grasses reach 6 to 8” in height…

Bouncing Back

We are very proud to have Equestride featured in a recent edition of Horse and Hound in the UK. You can read the article below, and don’t forget you can always contact us with any queries or questions may have.